About Us

Ilyess Zenasni

CEO & Co-Founder

Meet Ilyess, the visionary CEO and Co-Founder of Wahat Games. With an impressive 15-year career in software development, Ilyess brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences.

Having worked across diverse environments, from small startups to high-scale corporations like Grab, Careem, HungerStation, and Singapore Exchange, Ilyess has honed his skills in building and managing teams, while also handling millions of requests per day. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to launch successful ventures in gaming, e-commerce, real estate, and social events, showcasing his ability to innovate across industries.

Ilyess’s profound love for gaming shines through his portfolio of released games and his completion of the entire Zelda franchise. His exceptional skills extend to the competitive landscape, where he achieved legendary rank in Hearthstone. With a particular affinity for rogue-like games and the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Ilyess possesses a deep understanding and appreciation for the art of game design. Guided by his passion and expertise, Wahat Games is dedicated to creating captivating and immersive gaming experiences that thrill and engage players worldwide.


CTO & Co-Founder

Meet Norbert, our esteemed CTO, bringing a wealth of experience in software development to our team. With 17 years in the field, Norbert’s expertise shines through his work as a game developer, where he published multiple games during his time at Yamago. His incredible dedication is evident in his eight-year endeavor to develop his own game alongside his illustrious career.

Norbert’s leadership abilities and technical acumen were honed during his time as the lead tech at Property Finder and as a principal software engineer at HungerStation. In these roles, he successfully led large tech teams and made pivotal technical decisions, resulting in the creation of highly successful products for millions of users. Additionally, Norbert’s passion for game development is exemplified by his proficiency in working with the Unreal Engine, driving our team to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Norbert’s love for gaming extends to completing games to their fullest extent. With an impressive roster including Final Fantasy titles (1 to 9), Zelda, and Pokemon, he showcases his unwavering dedication to fully immersing himself in the gaming experience. Coupled with his fascination for game narratives and universes, Norbert’s diverse skill set and passion make him an invaluable asset to our team in creating exceptional gaming experiences.


Artist Director & Co-Founder

Introducing Jefferson Kinossian, a talented musician, pianist, and guitarist since the age of 10. From a young age, he was drawn to music and quickly mastered composing music for films as well as pop music. As the producer of the renowned artist Jekk, he has gained worldwide recognition, particularly in Japan.

For 10 years, Jefferson worked as a freelance musician for various production companies, primarily in the field of music for visual media, creating compositions for television advertisements in different countries such as Dior and Chanel. He also contributed to numerous short film projects as a sound engineer, composer, and sound designer. His passion for combining music with visual media has allowed him to create immersive and captivating soundscapes, adding an extra dimension to each project.

A great admirer of the Final Fantasy series, Jefferson is fascinated by its rich universe and the depth of its storytelling, as well as the accompanying musical compositions. He also shares a love for the Metal Gear Solid series, appreciating both its intense action and the quality of its soundtracks. As an enthusiast of video game culture, Jefferson remains constantly aware of the latest announcements and 3D technologies, always ready to explore new creative horizons.

With his diverse experience and unwavering passion for music and video games, Jefferson brings a unique perspective and valuable expertise to every project he works on. His ability to capture the essence of a story and create enchanting musical compositions makes him a versatile and sought-after artist in the industry.


Game Director & Co-Founder

Introducing Yoan, our exceptional Game Director, who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. With a strong foundation in game design and development, Yoan studied at Isart Digital, specializing in a range of genres such as platform games, tower defense, and shooters. His diverse background showcases his versatility and creativity in crafting immersive gaming experiences.

As a guild leader in popular MMORPGs like Final Fantasy 14 and World of Warcraft, Yoan’s leadership qualities shine through. His ability to guide and mentor teams in these vast virtual worlds highlights his exceptional leadership abilities and collaborative spirit. Moreover, with 7 years of experience in IT, including a notable role supporting the French government in IT and cyber security, Yoan possesses a deep understanding of online game vulnerabilities, allowing him to effectively safeguard our company’s assets.

Yoan’s passion for the Final Fantasy franchise is undeniable, having completed all of the games in the series. In addition, he has achieved remarkable feats in World of Warcraft, leveling a character from 1 to the maximum level in an impressive 48 hours. As a mentor in Final Fantasy 14, Yoan has helped numerous players master the intricacies of the game, showcasing his leadership abilities and dedication to fostering a vibrant gaming community.

With Yoan’s extensive game design expertise, proven leadership skills, and a keen understanding of cyber security, our team is well-prepared to create captivating and secure gaming experiences that captivate players around the world.